Mynydd Llandegai weather

 Latitude N 53° 13' 00"    Longitude W 04° 10' 00"    Elevation 1300 ft

Welcome to Mynydd Llandegai weatherstation. I hope you find it useful. The site has been running since November 2006. The first full month of recording was December 2006.

The weather station in use is the Gadget N96GY from Maplin, and the data is updated every 5 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

Forecast: Fine weather

Conditions at local time 00:55 on 11 August 2020
Temperature and HumidityWindspeed dial
Temperature16.5 °C Wind Gauge
Rainfall Today0.00 in
Rainfall Last Hour0.00 in
Rainfall This Month1.31 in
WindWind direction dial
Wind Speed (gust)7 mph Wind Compass
Wind Speed (avg)2 mph
Wind Bearing3°N
Barometer 1018.6 hPa
Rising slowly0.2 hPa
Almost real time wind display - updated automatically approx every 50 seconds - Needs Adobe Flashplayer installed to work.

to see data as gauges and links to pages showing historical max and min tables created by cumulus  click here. This is still under development so may change from time to time.

Weather recording equipment

Up until the end of 2015 I have been using a Lacross WS2300 weatherstation. This has performed reasonably for the past 9 years but has had some reliability issues with the wind sensor and timestamp issues with the base unit. For the past few months I have been trialing a replacement weather station and changed over at the start of 2016.

the new weather station is a Gadget N96GY supplied by Maplins.This is a generic 'fine offset' station sold by many companies and re-badged accordingly. This unit can only work wirelessly between the sensors and the base unit. Readings are sent from the sensors to the base unit every 48 seconds. The data is transferred from the basestation to a PC via a USB connection and can be displayed using the supplied Easyweather software or other commercial software that supports 'fine offset' stations. I have started using a program called Cumulus created by

For more detailed info about the hardware click here.

For details of the software used click here.

Where is Mynydd Llandegai

Mynydd Llandegai is in the county of Gwynedd in North Wales just outside the Snowdonia National Park. We are about 1000ft above sea level. We have a clear view down to the sea to the NorthEast but all other directions are protected from the worst of the weather by mountains. This does mean however that we are in a bit of a frost hollow. The prevailing weather comes in from the south. The mountains to the south of us help to reduce the ferocity of storm winds and probably reduces our rainfall slightly. Having lived on the other side of these mountains and received the full force of the southerly gales in the past we can appreciate the difference it makes.

For more info on Mynydd Llandegai check out our village hall website

Weather webcam

The camera usually looks East towards Bethesda and the summit's of Carnedd Llewelyn & Foel Grach beyond. Sometimes it may be looking in another direction if I think there's something worth seeing. Images are captured 24 hours a day and updated every 5 minutes, though you won't see much at night time except a few specks of light from distant street lights. The camera points into the rising morning sun so lens flare can be a problem first thing. You can click on the picture to open a window with an enlarged view.

Weather graphs

This link will take you to monthly graphs of past weather.

Links to other weather related sites

click here for a page of interesting weather sites and webcams.

Having problems viewing

The weather data displayed above is simply a jpeg image captured by the publishing software and uploaded to my website every 5 minutes.The jpeg has the same filename each time so it overwrites the old image. If your browser is set to cache images ( as most are to speed things up ) then the weather data will not update locally on your PC unless you refresh or clear your cache. Depending on your settings and what browser you are using you may only need to do a refresh.
If that doesn't work try changing your browser settings to make it check for newer versions of stored pages each time it is started.

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