Graphs for April 2008

Unfortunatly I lost some more data this month. For some reason the weatherstation decided to change the date to 2009 after I turned off my laptop at 22:00 on the 20th. It stored 135 readings in memory and when I turned my laptop on in the morning it didn't write anything to the history file all day until I realised something was wrong in the evening of the 21st. After fiddling for some time without success I had to create a new empty history file before it would start saving readings again at 20:10 on the 21st. The weatherstation then dumped another complete set of readings into the new history file.The 2 seperate history files were then exported as text and combined in Excel for this months graphs. Missing data lines were filled in manually with zero's except for pressure and wind direction where the last good reading was used.

Minimum Temperature this month -0.8 deg C Maximum temperature 20.1 deg C. The temperature only once dropped below 0 deg C briefly on the night of the 6th but on most nights there was a danger of a ground frost as temperatures usually fell below 6 deg C.

A breezy month with winds upto 25mph on most days. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was only 33.1mph on the 18th. This was however exceeded by a gust of 47.6mph on the same day, which was recorded by the weatherstation but not saved in the history file as it didn't coincide with a 'data saving' period.

total rainfall of 4.04 inches this month, generally a pretty dry month. There were 10 days without any rain at all in the middle of the month.

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