Graphs for April 2009

Typical April weather with sunny days and heavy showers. Fortunatly most of then fell at night. Many days were overcast and drizzly though, a fact that isn't represented very well in the graphs as the drizzle rarely amounts to enough to trip the rain recorder.

The sharp falls in pressure that brought the overnight rain on the nights of the 7th and 27th show up well. Stable high pressure in the middle of the month brought some welcome sunny weather but also cold nights.

The minimum Temperature this month was 0.3 deg C on the 12th. Maximum temperature was 17.3 deg C around 3 o'clock on the 2nd, closely fillowed by a 16.9 on the 20th. The large swings between daytime & night time temperatures of around 13 degrees C typical for this time of year.

Despite the periods of settled weather it was a windy month. At least it helped to keep the frost away. The max wind speed recorded in the history file was 24.6mph at 11:20pm on the 7th. The maximun gust recorded was 39.1mph at 2:28 pm on the 15th.

Total rainfall of 3.2 inches this month, most of which fell over the 3 nights of the 7th, 27th and 29th. In fact the 27th recorded 0.24 inches of rainfall within an hour at 3:28am.

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