Graphs for April 2017

According to the met office this was the dryest April for 10 years. However, my records show 2015 as the dryest with only 1.04 inches compared to 1.49 inches this month.Also there were 21 dry days in 2015 but only 15 dry days this month.

The maximum recorded temp was 19.6 degrees on the 8th. The minimum was 1.9 degrees on the 25th.

The maximum recorded wind speed was 21mph. There was a gust of 34mph on the 25th and again on the 30th.

Total rainfall of 1.49" this month. It was evenly split with 15 dry days and 15 where we had some rain or light drizzle. On several other days it was very damp and mizzly but not enough to register on the rain gauge.

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