Graphs for April 2019

I lost the connection between the sensors and the weatherstation on the 10th.I didn't realise for a while that things weren't updating. Eventually I had to restart the weatherstation which resulted in a loss of some data. We only had one day when it snowed lightly on the 3rd. Then we had the hottest Easter with Portmadoc breaking records again. Storm Hannah came through on the night of the 26th, Capel Curig recording a gust of 78mph. Quite an eventfull month.

The maximum recorded temp was 24.3 degrees at 2:00pm on Good friday,the 19th.The minimum was 1.2 degrees at 1:00am on the 3rd. This may well be the hottest Easter but not my hottest April as I recorded 25.9 degrees in April 2015.

The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 23mph. There was a gust of 40mph on the 15th. We only recorded a gust of 34mph on the 26th as Hannah passed through.

Total rainfall of 3.06" this month. There were 17 dry days.

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