Graphs for August 2008

I had trouble again at the beginning of this month with the weatherstation loosing track of the correct date. The clock is controlled by a radio signal from Germany which updates at midnight each day. On the 4th it suddenly decided the year was 2000. This would not be a problem were it not for the fact that the history file is date sensitive and the weatherstation will not write to the file if the date it thinks it is now is before the date of the last entry in the history file. I did not notice this until the following evening so readings were lost from 10:10pm on the 3rd until 10:50pm on the 4th. In order to create the graphs I had to manually 'pad out' the data. Therefore the temperature and wind speed readings were set to zero and the remaining readings added using the last good value to make up the missing entries.

Minimum Temperature this month 9.3 deg C at midnight on the 13th. Maximum temperature was 21.8 deg C on the 30th. Apart from that one afternoon the daytime temperature has been disappointing and rarely managed to crawl above 18 deg C. In several 24 hr periods the day to night temperature varied by only 2 deg C.

There were several wet and windy days this month.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 31.7mph on the 16th.The strongest gust was 35.5mph in the morning of the 10th after a very wet night.

total rainfall of 7.42 inches this month. About half was made up of generally damp drizzly days. Not what you expect for August. The rest came in several heavy downpours where we had nearly an inch of rain in the space of an hour.The Met Office said it's been the wettest August since 1971.

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