Graphs for August 2009

Unfortunatly I had to go away on business up to the 14th so there were no weather observations on my live page at the beginning of the month. I was in the West Midlands where the weather was warm but showery, some heavy. I think it was very similar here.

I had trouble with my wind vane & anemometer. This is a new unit which I have had about a year. Whenever it rained it started to miss readings. If I took it down and took it apart there was no apparent moisture inside but putting a hairdryer on it would make it start working again. I decided to try coating the pcb in something water resistant and decided to use epoxy resin. I only coated the side with the components on and it didn't cure the problem, Unfortunatly the resin had also leaked under the the optical sensors for the wind direction disk and the unit no longer indicated southerly directions so I had no option but to order another replacement at the end of the month.

Stormy weather in the middle of the month shows up well in the graph. A long procession of fronts bringing wind and rain.

The minimum Temperature this month was 8.8 deg C at 5.50am on the 22nd. Most nights the temperature didn't drop below 10 deg C. Maximum temperature was only 20.5 deg C when it peaked at 3pm on the 6th. Most days it struggled to reach 18 deg C.

As stated at the top I had trouble with the anemometer recordings this month so there are some periods where windspeed registers as zero. In fact, these periods were generally wet and windy so the graph is misleading.The maximum windspeed in the history file was 26.1 mph at 8.40am on the 19th. The maximum gust was 27.9mph at 11.14pm on the 27th.

Total rainfall of 6.36 inches this month, of which 4.65 inches fell in the last 2 weeks and 1.39 inches of that fell in the last 24 hours of the month.

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