Graphs for December 2009

December was noticeably colder but much dryer than last month.3 days of heavy rain meant the overall rainfall for the month was about normal. This month we had some proper frosts and on several days the temperature barely crawled above freezing. Other days were wet and windy eventually leading to a big storm on the 30th that pratically destroyed one of my greenhouses. We had snow for 8 days starting on the 17th but no snow fell on Christmas day.

The month started wet and windy as low pressure dominated. By the 11th high pressure had established itself with clear & cold weather with light winds & heavy frosts. As pressure dropped on the 17th we had snow showers, lasting for several days until stormy weather on the 30th brought the month to a close.

The month started off quite mild but the temperatures soon plummeted except for short periods when it was showery & overcast allowing daytime temperatures to reach double figures and nightimes to stay above freezing. The minimum temperature was -3.6 deg C at 3:20am on the 20th. The maximum temperature was 10.1 deg C from 12:30 until 1am on the 6th. By 9am it had dropped to 4.9 deg C.

The minimum temperature for 2009 was -6.8 on the 6th January. The maximum was 27.2 on the 29th of June. The temperature stayed above freezing from April to September and managed to get into double figures every month except February. On the other hand temperatures dropped to below 5 degrees every month except July and August.

A mixed bag of calm days and windy nights with some damage in the garden. The maximum windspeed in the history file was 39.3 mph at 3:50pm on the 30th. For the 2nd time this actually coincided with the maximum recorded gust. This is what did the damage. In fact consecutive readings over that 30 minute period were 39.3, 29.9 & 23.9 so it was not so much a gust as a constant gale. Many days were wet and windy.

The maximim wind speed recorded this year was 56.5 mph on the 19th of november. This appeared to be a one off gust. Generally the peak wind speed each month was around 27 to 30 mph.

Total rainfall of 5.32 inches this month, with over half falling in 3 days. The small readings after the 17th are actually of melting snow. Christmas day was dry but rain arrived in the evening.

The total rainfall for the year was 58.3 inches/1,481mm. November was the wettest month with 14.9 inches and February was the driest with only 0.53 inches.

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