Graphs for December 2011

Unfortunatly the problem with my weatherstation persists this month. To recap, for some reason it is updating the date field randomly to nonsense dates like 2031. This in itself would not be a problem as I could reset it back to the correct date at the weekend. The problem though is that the radio time signal will eventually correct the date back to 2011, but the software will then stop recording data, waiting for the date from the weatherstation to exceed the last date saved in the history file. This month I managed to recover all but a few hours of data on the 22nd. There was also a glitch in the pressure readings on the 18th where it suddenly dropped from 30.01" to 29.62" between readings. I'm beginning think this weatherstation is about to give up the ghost and have started looking around for a suitable replacement, but haven't they all got so expensive now. As this is the end of 2011 I have done the highs and lows for the year. A happy new year to you all and here's to a better 2012.

This months pressure graph looks very strange with very dramatic rises and falls in pressure. I would suspect faulty equipment were it not for the fact I have seen a friends barograph trace which is very similar.

The minimum recorded temp was -7.1 at 5:30am on the 29th of January. The hottest was 25.4 degrees at midday on the 28th of September. In every month except September the night time temp dropped to below 6.0 degrees.

In every single month we had winds in excess of 25 mph at some time.

The wettest month was December with 8.63". The dryest was March with 0.94" The most rain in a 24 hour period was 1.85" on the 11th of August.The total for the year was 52.5"

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