Graphs for December 2012

I had a problem with date stamping again this month. On the 23rd it suddenly decided the year was 2036. resetting the date does not cure this problem and I have to start a new history file when this happens. At the end of the month I have to recombine the history files and see if there is a gap. This month I lost 3 hours data. There was also something strange going on with the pressure sensor that dropped suddenly by 0.67" at 9am on the 7th. As I usually recalibrate it at the end of the year I have not edited this out.

The coldest recorded temp this year was -6.5 Deg C at 07:55 on the 3rd February. The hottest was 27.0 Deg C at 11:51 on the 25th May.

The maximum gust recorded this year was 59.2mph at 18:41 on the 24th March.

Total rainfall of 7.20" this month. The total for the year is 67.17", that's just over 1.7m for those of you that think in metric. This is less than 2007 when I recorded 84.16" and 2008 at 74.79". The wettet month was June with 9.67", the dryest was March with 1.8". We had 119 days when no rainfall was recorded. The most rain recorded in a 24 hour period was 2.61" on the 22nd November, which also recorded 0.77" in one hour.

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