Graphs for December 2013

The pressure dropped to 28.57 InHg on the 24th. According to the Met Office the center of this depression recorded the lowest pressure since January 1884. This was at the center of the low, not necesserely where we are.

The minimum temp this year was -5.4 Deg C on 29th March. This is only 0.2 deg C above my record minimum of 2008. The Maximum was 28.9 Deg C on 19th July. This is the highest temperature I have recorded to date.

The maximum gust recorded this year was 50.50mph, recorded this month on the 27th. We also had a gust of 46.9mph during the gale on the 20th and 38.9mph on the 30th. These have brought down several fur trees in our garden and blown out several panes in the greenhouses but thankfully we never lost power.

Total rainfall of 8.58" this month.The total for the year was 55.79" which is about average and a lot less than the maximum of 84.16" recorded in 2007.Overall we had some rain on 196 days out of 365. The dryest month was January with only 1.67" of rain, but heavy snow may have upset this reading. The wettest month is this month with 8.58" of rain. Only just beaten by 2011 when we had 8.63".

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