Graphs for December 2014

The minimum temp this year was -1.7 Deg C on 31st of January. This is the warmest minimum that I have recorded since 2007. The Maximum was 28.0 Deg C on 23rd July.

The maximum gust recorded this year was 66.20mph, recorded this month on the 17th.

Total rainfall of 5.03" this month.The total for the year was 50.92" which is the second lowest total, only beaten by 2010's 41.01".Overall we had some rain on 218 days out of 365. The dryest month was September with only 0.29" of rain. The wettest month was February with 10.1" of rain. This was the wettest February I have recorded. The most rain we had in a 24 hour period was 1.75" around the 15th of February.The most rain recorded in 1 hour was 0.44" on the 6th of August.

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