Graphs for December 2015

I'm still having trouble with the anemometer and windvane. every time we get heavy rain they stop sending data. Taking the unit apart and blowing warm air on it for a while restores the link until the next time. As I am replacing the weatherstation at the end of the year I do not intend to replace the sensor so have to put up with the problem for now.

A very wet month with rain on every day except two at the beginning of the month. There was extensive flooding in the valleys and Cumbria continues to suffer.

The lowest recorded pressure was 28.81" on the 30th of January. The highest was 30.82" on the 8th of february.

The lowest recorded temperature was -5.7degC on the 3rd of February at 1:20am. The highest was 28.2degC on the 1st of July. What was unusual was that it peaked at 9:36am and then gradually got cooler during the day.

The highest recorded gust was 82.5mph on the 28th of this month. However, as the anemometer was playing up at the time I don't think this is a true reading. More likely the highest gust was in fact 42mph on the 19th of this month.

Total rainfall of 13.75" this month. This is the highest reading since I started recording data at this location. However, I did record 17.0" at another weatherstation I have in Dinorwig. Proving my assumption that the mountains between these two locations provide some protection from the worst of the weather from the prevailing southerly direction. It has been the wettest December since records began according to the Met Office. Rainfall for the year was 57.67" / 1.46m which is a long way short of my record of 84.16" in 2007.

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