Graphs for December 2018

A wet and windy end to the year. No snow at all at our level this month. This seems to be the norm these days with snow coming later in the new year.

The lowest recorded pressure this year was 983.50mb on the 29th November. The highest was 1042.10mb on the 22nd October.

The lowest recorded temperature this year was -6.0degC on the 28th of February. The highest was 29.8degC on the 27th of June.

The highest recorded gust this year was 57mph on the 29th November. There was a gust of 53mph this month on the 15th.

Total rainfall of 7.57" this month. Rainfall for the year was 50.77" / 1.28m which is a long way short of my record of 84.16"/2.13m in 2007. The wettest day was October 13th with 2.46". There were 219 rain days and 146 dry days.

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