Graphs for February 2007

There have been problems recording the data for February. First I had a power cut on the 16th, it ran from 5:50am until the evening. The weather station had been storing data since 10pm the previous evening. Fearing that the power would not come back on before the weather station started overwriting the stored data I managed to rig up an extension lead from a mains inverter in my caravan to power up my PC for a short time. The PC powered up OK but I could not get the data to download for some reason. Also the weather station was working off it's own batteries and seemed to be having trouble connecting to it's sensors.Eventually I gave up trying to download the data onto my usual PC. I copied the history file to a laptop and was able to connect to the weather station and download the readings with it. I did lose 2 readings though and had a rogue windspeed of 99.9mph recorded.

On powering up my PC on the 27th I again had trouble downloading the stored data. I could not retrieve anything after 10pm the previous night. The current history file had 13,183 stored readings and I wondered if I had hit some kind of limit. I created a new empty history file & pointed HeavyWeather at it. It immediately saved a set of current data but still would not retrieve the stored data from the weather station. I had therefore lost 12 hours of measurements. Even stranger was that later on I checked the progress of the new history file and found that it had added an extra 12 hours of phantom readings before the real start date and dated them for 27th February 2005 !!!. I have no idea where they came from.

The upshot of all this is that because the history file is not an editable file I have no way of pasting February's readings back together, so the last day of February will appear at the beginning of the March graphs.

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