Graphs for February 2009

We had the first real snow falls for the winter this month, along with large parts of the country. The first week of February I was down in Hampshire so the weatherstation had to fend for itself and worked faultlessly. I didn't leave the webcam running though as it can hang up when my ISP forces an address change and upset my internet access until it's rebooted. Apologies to those who logged on hoping to see the snow only to find the image stuck on Saturday.

The snow arrived Sunday night and continued, on an off, for several days. Mynydd Llandegai was cut off for several days until the snow ploughs cleared the top road. There were no busses and no post for a week, but the milkman got through on Thursday.

unfortunately there were 4 fatalities on Snowdon in 2 seperate incidents.

The sudden fall in pressure on the 2nd that brought the snow shows up well on the graph. The pressure then remained stable until the 10th when a rise in pressure brought strong winds and drizzle.

The minimum Temperature this month was -4.1 deg C on the 4th with lying snow. Maximum temperature was 8.8 deg C around midday on the 16th. For the first 2 weeks temperatures struggled to get above 4 degrees with the snow covering the ground and gusty winds, but then the temperature steadily rose to a mild 7 or 8 degrees for the second half of the month, quickly melting away the snow.

A variable month as far as the wind was concerned. Calm weather followed windy days. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 23.7mph at 3.30pm on the 3rd. The maximum gust was 24.3mph at 2:54pm on the 10th.The strong winds caused problems on the roads with drifting snow and on the 3rd I recorded a windchill of -17.3 deg C.

Total rainfall of only 0.53 inches this month. The small reading on the 8th was from menting snow. The others were from generally drizzly days except the 9th and 15th when we had a couple of short showers.

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