Graphs for February 2010

It was officially the coldest Winter in England and Wales for 31 years. It certainly felt like it.

This months graph shows well the definite split which gave us two types of weather. The first few days it was cloudy with rain or snow showers.As the pressure rose on the 6th is brought cold sunny weather with clear skies and hard frosts overnight. As the high pressure moved away in the middle of the month it turned overcast with rain and some heavy snow showers

Cold all month, well below average. On sunny days the temperature managed to creep up but it was pegged down by cold north easterly winds. The minimum temperature was -4.8 deg C overnight on the 22nd. The maximum temperature was 11.9 deg C briefly at 3.20pm on the 5th, helped, I think, by direct sun on the sensor.Although it was definitely the warmest day of the month as it was a balmy 8 degrees for several hours.

The maximum windspeed in the history file was 21.4 mph at 9.50am on the 2nd, accompanied by heavy rain. The maximun gust was 30.8 mph at 8.17pm on the 23rd, accompanied by heavy snow overnight which fortunately changed to rain by morning.

Total rainfall of 2.33 inches this month, which came in 2 lumps at the beginning of the month and in the middle.Otherwise it was cold and dry or overcast with light drizzle. Many of the small readings are actually of melting snow.

A much larger proportion of Northerlies and Easterlies than usual. Keeping the temperatures down and bringing the snow.

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