Graphs for February 2018

A fairly mild month for February. We had 6 days when it snowed. These were the 4th,6th,9th,13th,27th and the 28th. Those at the beginning of the month didn't stay around for long and the snow melt was recorded as rain. On the 27th and 28th it was too cold for it to thaw so the amount moved into next month, when storm Emma swept through.

The maximum recorded temp was 10.9 degrees at 2:50pm on the 19th.The minimum was -6.0 degrees at 11:30pm on the 28th.

The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 24mph. There was a gust of 46mph on the 14th at 11:10am.

Total rainfall of 3.70" this month. We had 12 days without rain. But on some it snowed instead.

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