Graphs for January 2008

There was a dramatic fall in pressure over the 30th & 31st when pressure fell from 30.36 at 11:10 on the 30th to 29.32 by midnight on the 31st.

Minimum Temperature this month -0.9 deg C when it dropped briefly on the 3rd. After that it stayed above freezing all month.

Had several windy days with gusts in excess of 40mph. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 44.9mph on the 7th. This was however exceeded on the 31st by a gust of 58.1mph which was recorded by the weatherstation but not saved in the history file as it didn't coincide with a 'data saving' period. I had a problem on the 20th when the wind vane stoppped sending data after a period of severe weather. It actually reported a gust in excess of 100mph before packing up but I suspect this was a glitch. Anyway, I took it apart and inspected but couldn't find any obvious faults. Power was still getting to it from the Thermo module. I blew warm air into it for an hour and reassembled and it started working again. Data was lost from 1am till 5.40pm

total rainfall of 11.1 inches this month.There were 4 days when we had more than 1 inch in 24 hrs and 11 days when we had more than half an inch. On only 7 days was no rain at all recorded.

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