Graphs for January 2009

This month has been the first whole month that my weatherstation has been working with wireless sensors and as far as I can tell I have had no rogue readings or 'spikes' at all. Therefore I intend to continue with this setup. The only possible problem with running wirelessly is that if the battery power fails in the sensors either overnight or worst still whilst I'm away for a few days I will lose some readings.

On the 1st I reset the relative barometer reading to match that shown for the Met Office Capel Curig station. The first couple of weeks show relativly stable high pressure which gave dry sunny days and cold nights. A marked drop in pressure on the 11th brought in wet and windy weather which set the pattern for the rest of the month.

The minimum Temperature this month was -6.8 deg C on the 6th after several clear nights. Maximum temperature was 12.1 deg C on the 30th. On most days the temperature struggled to get above 6 degrees.

Generally a windy month showing a couple of periods of 4 days where the windspeed never dropped to zero.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 33.3 mph at 7:20pm on the 11th.Unfortunatly I missed the gust reading as it was overwritten at the beginning of February by a higher reading whilst I was away. It's possible that the 33.3 mph reading is a spike, if so it's the only one recorded this month.

Total rainfall of 6.99 inches this month. The first 10 days were without rain. The 2 small readings were caused by melting frost.

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