Graphs for January 2010

Apparently this was the coldest January in Wales since 1985. It certainly seemed that way. Daytime temperatures never got above 10 degrees C all month and at the beginning of the month we had 10 days where it barely rose above freezing. This did quite a lot of damage as it allowed the ground water to freeze and pushed up our paths and sections of our concrete drive by as much as half an inch.When the thaw finally came everything went soft and boggy and needed tamping down to remove the pockets that had developed. It only actually snowed on 7 days, mostly just light flurries with the bulk falling on the 5th and on the 31st.

A lively pressure graph this month bringing rain, snow and strong winds.

Very cold all month. Between the 1st and the 13th it only managed to get to +2 degrees during the day. Ground temperatures remained below freezing. The minimum temperature was -7.9 deg C between midnight & 1am on the 8th. The maximum temperature was 9.6 deg C briefly at 10pm on the 16th.

The maximum windspeed in the history file was 34.2 mph at 3am on the 16th. The maximun gust was 43.3mph at 12.44pm on the 12th. This caused more damage to my greenhouse and blew snow off the fields causing drifts of several feet in places.

Total rainfall of 3.18 inches this month. Many of the small readings are actually of melting snow. We achieved 1.01 inches in the 24 hour period ending at 7.59pm on the 16th. Interestingly this was the windiest and the warmest day this month.

A much larger proportion of Northerlies and Easterlies than usual. Keeping the temperatures down and bringing the snow.

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