Graphs for January 2014

After working faultlessly for several years my weathervane and anemometer has started playing up in the wet weather. This is my 3rd replacement and it has lasted much longer than the others but stopped sending data on 2 occasions this month. The first time I took it down and took it apart, then blew hot air from a hair dryer over it until it started working again. The second time I didn't spot it had stopped and it restarted of it's own accord. If this persists it will be time for number 4 or maybe a new weatherstation (said that before!).

Total rainfall of 9.67" this month.Although some parts of the country had the wettest January since records began this was not the case here as I recorded 11.1" in January 2008. However,the month was exceptional in that we had rain every day except the 30th.

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