Graphs for January 2015

Unfortunatly I lost a chunk of data this month due to the weatherstation incorrectly setting the system date to 2036 for a short time. This date got posted into the history file and due to the way the station stores data it then decided to stop saving any more data until 2036 arrived !!! As the date show on the weatherstation had corrected itself and the date used in Heavyweather is taken from the computer, not the weatherstation, I had not noticed that data was no longer being recorded. Everything looked OK until I happened to check the history fle and noticed that something was wrong. By then the weatherstation buffer had filled up and data was being lost. By then I had lost 27hrs of data.

There are also a couple of other strange things that seem to have happened. There are several wind directions that have recorded no readings. This looks highly unusual. Also the wind speed has recorded several gusts of the same value on different days. Again highly unusual. I shall have to keep an eye on this and may have to replace the wind vane unit again.

Total rainfall of 6.01" this month.

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