Graphs for July 2008

I had trouble this month with the weatherstation loosing track of the correct date. The clock is controlled by a radio signal from Germany which updates at midnight each day. On a couple of occasions it has been changed to a date in the past. For example, on the 24th it decided it was May again. This would not be a problem were it not for the fact that the history file is date sensitive and the weatherstation will not write to the file if the date it thinks it is now is before the date of the last entry in the history file. Fortunately I have spotted the error in the morning and managed to retrieve the nights stored readings before resetting the clock. However, it means starting a new history file each time so I then have to recombine them at the end of the month.

Minimum Temperature this month 8.1 deg C. Maximum temperature was 26.9 deg C on the 28th which was confirmed by our local BBC weatherman when he quoted 27 deg C as the max for the day.A useful confirmation that the sensor is not suffering from direct solar heating.

A gentle start to the month with winds below 15mph on most days.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was only 31.3mph on the 5th. Unfortunatly I lost the gust reading as the 1st of August was windy and overwrote the previous months reading before I could make a note of it. The windvane and anemometer sensor decided to stop working on Friday the 18th. It had been playing up for a couple of days before that and my attempts at fixing it were unsuccessful so I ordered a replacement. It arrived and was fitted on Monday afternoon, hence the break in readings during that period. More details can be found on the Hardware page.

total rainfall of 5.16 inches this month. Most of which fell during 3 dramatic storms with thunder and lightning. In fact most of the 1.18 inches that fell on the 29th fell in the space of an hour.Although we had heavy rain there was no accompanying strong winds or any dramatic fall in pressure, just high temperatures generating thunder clouds late in the afternoon.

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