Graphs for July 2009

Well it wasn't exactly a flaming June, was it. Unfortunatly I had to go away on business from the 20th so there were no weather observations on my live page. The month started hot and thundery for a couple of days then deteriorated to overcast drizzly days with occasional heavy showers.

Not much to say about this months pressure chart. Lots of fronts travelling through and no settled weather.

The minimum Temperature this month was 7.5 deg C overnight briefly on the 10th. After that the temperature didn't drop much below 10 deg C. Maximum temperature was 26.7 deg C when it peaked at 1:30pm on the 1st. That night the temperature only dropped to 16.9 deg C before another hot day on the 2nd which peaked at 25.9 deg C at 11am then dropped steadily as cloud came in.

Quite a windy month. Not particularly strong but constant, with many days not recording zero windspeed at all. The maximum windspeed in the history file was 22.3 mph at 02:20 on the 22nd. I missed recording the gust reading by being away at the end of the month.

Total rainfall of 5.67 inches this month. 1.41 inches of that fell during a 48 hour period. Only 6 days recorded no rain at all.

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