Graphs for June 2007

I downloaded the data stored overnight from the weatherstation on 28th June only to find the external sensors had stopped recording at 11pm the evening before. After checking all the connections & trying to resync the remote unit and the basestation to no avail I eventally changed the batteries in the remote unit and it sprang back into life. Recordings restarted at 10:20am 29th June. According to the weatherstations manual the remote unit is powered by the base unit when using a wired connection, as I am, and does not need the batteries fitted. I only fitted them to act as backup in the event of mains supply failure. Either my unit is faulty or the manual is incorrect as it would appear the remote unit is running on battery power even when hard wired to the base unit. If that is the case then some sort of low battery warning is required to ensure they are replaced in time to avoid this situation occuring.

Minimum Temperature this month +7.2 deg C 04:30 01.06.2007.

I am still having a problem with wind speed recording this month. I have recorded several spike speeds of 57mph that do not tally with the general wind conditions. This has made gust recording unreliable and affected the graphs. I have been monitoring the situation and found it nearly always happens when it's raining. I have checked & cleaned the connectors to the anemometer but the problem persists. The next job it to try & check the sensor for problems.

I have changed the way the rain data is shown. I now create my own graph in excel which shows the 10 minute readings combined into daily totals. A total rainfall of 6.03 inches this month, most of which fell in the last week.

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