Graphs for June 2009

As expected the sunny weather didn't last. By the 5th it had gone cloudier and cooler. We then had rain or drizzle until the 14th, then one day of sun and back to the drizzle. As the month progressed it got hotter and more humid but we managed to miss the thunderstorms that were forecast. They all passed by further south and East of us.

The high pressure that settled over the UK at the end of last month headed away early in the month bringing cloudier & cooler weather. The next settled spell between the 13th and 15th remained overcast but dry but it wasn't long before a sudden drop brought stormy weather. High pressure then began to dominate again giving a few sunny days from the 23rd to the 25th before it was back to cloudy but hot and humid weather.

The minimum Temperature this month was 3.4 deg C overnight briefly on the 12th. After that the nights got steadily warmer and more humid. Maximum temperature was 27.2 deg C when it peaked at 2:30pm on the 29th, closely followed by a 26.2 on the 30th.

Generally light winds all month except for when the stormy weather passed by. The maximum windspeed in the history file was 23.2 mph at 22:40 on the 16th. The max gust was 27.7 mph at 09:16 on the 17th, a very wet and windy day.

Total rainfall of 2.74 inches this month. 2.03 inches of that fell during 3 short but heavy downpours. 0.28 inches fell in one hour on the 15th.

Although the prevailing southerlies were the dominant wind direction as usual this month, there was a definite shift to more Northerly winds during the first few days. This brought in sea mist and low cloud on some mornings until the sun burnt it away.

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