Graphs for June 2018

There was a glitch in the stored weather data this month that stopped Cumulus from reading it from the 17th onwards. Fortunatly I was able to use Easyweather to download it and managed to combine the two files in Excel. I had to reset the weatherstation afterwards which wipes it's memory so I lose things like total annual rainfall and max min data.

The maximum recorded temp was 29.8 degrees at 3:10pm on the 27th.This is the 2nd highest temp recorded.Only beaten by 31.3 in July 2016. Portmadoc was the warmest place in the UK on the 27th,28th and 29th. Peaking at 33 degrees. The minimum here was 6.7 degrees at 1:20am on the 22nd.

The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 25mph. There was a gust of 40mph on the 14th at 6:20am.

Total rainfall of 1.01" this month. There were 24 dry days.

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