Graphs for March 2008

Unfortunatly I lost some data this month. For some reason the weatherstation stopped saving readings to the history file on my laptop from 22:00 on the 14th. I didn't realise anything was wrong until the morning of the 16th. After fiddling for some time without success I had to create a new empty history file before it would start saving readings again at 8:40 on the 16th. The 2 seperate history files were then exported as text and combined in Excel for this months graphs. Missing data lines were filled in manually with zero's except for pressure and wind direction where the last good reading was used.

As forcast there was a dramatic drop in pressure on the night of the 9th March with gale force winds and rain. Even worse weather was forcast for the following day but it turned out to be less windy with little rain.

Minimum Temperature this month -2.4 deg C Maximum temperature 12.9 deg C. There were only 2 nights where the temperature dropped below 0 deg c.

A windy month. On most days with gusts in excess of 30mph. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was only 39.1mph on the 22nd. This was however exceeded during the gales on the 10th by a gust of 65.3mph which was recorded by the weatherstation but not saved in the history file as it didn't coincide with a 'data saving' period.Looking at the graph you can't tell that there were gales on the 10th. I do not know why this is but I assume it's something to do with it being very gusty and perhaps because the wind speed sensor is not a cup type anemometer it takes a finite amount of time to turn into wind and face the full blast.

total rainfall of 5.55 inches this month, with 2 days of over an inch, but generally a pretty dry month.

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