Graphs for March 2009

An uneventful month weatherwise. Many days of fine bright weather with just the occasional shower. We had a little snow on the 3rd but it melted quickly at our level. On the 26th we had some heavy rain and I just happened to be sitting in front of the computer and noticed that the rain gauge didn't register much. On investigation I found that the reed switch in the sensor, although making contact when the magnet passed was a bit sticky and not snapping open like it should, so I decided to replace it with a new one before it failed completely.

The sudden fall in pressure on the 2nd that brought the snow shows up well on the graph. After that pressure gradually built until a nice high established itself over the UK bringing warm spring days and cold frosty nights.

The minimum Temperature this month was -2.9 deg C on the 5th. Maximum temperature was 17.9 deg C around midday on the 19th. Although the nights were clear the longer daylight hours thankfully prevented sharp nightime frosts. Towards the end of the month sea mist became a problem, rolling up the valley from the NorthWest and covering us in a blanket of clag.

Generally quite breezy with hardly any calm weather. At least it kept the night temperatures up.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 25.0mph on the 9th and again on the 28th. The maximum gust was 36.6mph at 10:30pm on the 7th.

Total rainfall of 1.8 inches this month. Most of the rain fell as drizzle during the beginning of the month and which often went on all day, except for the 12th when it was one big shower.

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