Graphs for March 2018

Storm Emma swept through at the beginning of the month. She brought gales and some snow. Fortunatly no damage was caused at home but a lot of trees were brought down, including two large fir trees in our garden. The power was off for several hours. We had more heavy snow on the 8th, the most this year so far, and then a little more on the 18th. The long penetrating cold at the beginning of the month caused problems later on when many water mains burst on thawing. Anglesey seemed to be particularly affected for some reason.

I changed the batteries in the temp transmitter on the 24th and then couldn't get it to reconnect with the base unit. I had to reset the base unit in the end which returns all the readings to default settings. Checking the relative pressure revealed it was previously reading a bit high. Generally the pressure sensor seems to be the least accurate over it's range of the sensors. Not really a problem as it's the pressure trends that are more important than the actual value.

The maximum recorded temp was 15.3 degrees at 12:30pm on the 10th.The minimum was -6.0 degrees at 2:30am on the 1st.

The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 40mph. There was a gust of 52mph on the 1st at 6:00pm.

Total rainfall of 2.99" this month. We had 11 days without rain but some of those were snow days.

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