Graphs for May 2007

I have found a new way of capturing the graphs out of HeavyWeather Review which improves the quality of the final jpeg. Hopefully you will notice the difference.

Minimum Temperature this month +3.1 deg C 05:30 30.05.2007. There were a couple of high temp peaks early on in the month which I discovered were caused by direct sunlight on the sensor. Covering the sensor cover with aluminium foil to reflect the suns heat away seems to have cured the problem.

There has been a problem with wind speed recording this month. I have recorded several spike speeds of 57mph that do not tally with the general wind conditions. This has made gust recording unreliable and affected the graphs. I have been monitoring the situation and found it nearly always happens when it's raining. I have checked & cleaned the connectors to the anemometer but the problem persists. The next job it to try & check the sensor for problems.

Rain total for the month was 5.86 inches of which 1.1 inches fell over the period from 13:30 on the 16th to 6:20 on the 17th and 0.91 inches fell on the 31st.

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