Graphs for May 2008

Minimum Temperature this month 3.9 deg C. Maximum temperature was 28.3 deg C but I suspect this was caused by direct sunlight on the sensor. I added an extra foil shield on the sunny side to shade the sensor in future.

Not to breezy this month with winds below 15mph on most days except towards the end of the month. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was only 30.8mph on the 27th. This was however exceeded by a gust of 46.0mph on the 26th at 1:53pm, which was recorded by the weatherstation but not saved in the history file as it didn't coincide with a 'data saving' period.

total rainfall of only 2.35 inches this month, generally a pretty dry month. There were only 6 days where rainfall exceeded 0.1 inch.

I had expected that, just for once, Southwest would not be the predominent wind direction as it seemed to be blowing more from the North most days. The graphs, however show that although Southwest wasn't the main wind direction it was still southerlies that predominated. There was, however, a much more even spread of directions than usual.

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