Graphs for May 2009

This must have been one of the worst May's weatherwise we've had for many years. Usually May is blessed with settled mild weather but this year it has been wet and windy nearly every day. At least that's how it's going to be remembered. Checking my diary shows we only had 7 days of sunshine, and 4 of those were the last days of the month. It was also unusually windy with several days without it ever registering calm conditions.

The 'lumpy' pressure graph represents the changable weather this month when there were no really calm conditions until the last few days, when high pressure eventually settled over the UK.

The minimum Temperature this month was 4.0 deg C overnight briefly on the 2nd and again on the 12th. Maximum temperature was 24.4 deg C when it peaked at 2:30pm on the 30th, closely followed by a 24.1 on the 31st. It's interesting how the night time temperature steadily increased at the end of the month despite clear skies. Caused by the high daytime temperatures and short nights not allowing the ground to give up it's heat.

I can't remember another May being so windy. Not that it was that strong, but just so constant. At least it helped to keep the frost away. The max wind speed recorded in the history file was 26.1mph at 1:20pm on the 27th. The maximun gust recorded was 38.0mph at 3:35pm on the 7th.

Total rainfall of 4.32 inches this month. There were only 7 days without rain, and 4 of those were the last days of the month.

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