Graphs for November 2007

Minimum Temperature this month -1.6 deg C at about 9pm on 23.11.2007. Unusual because minimum temperatures are usually recorded around dawn, but in this case cloud cover moving in during the night caused temperatures to rise.

Had several windy days with gusts in excess of 30mph. The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 33.3mph on the 24th. This was however exceeded on the 18th by a gust of 55.4mph which was recorded by the weatherstation but not saved in the history file as it didn't coincide with a 'data saving' period. This is the one thing I am unhappy with about this weatherstation, that it doesn't record gusts properly.

total rainfall of 6.47 inches this month. I have realised that the many small readings are caused by morning dew on otherwise rain free days.

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