Graphs for November 2008

I'm still getting temperature spikes this month. Fortunatly they are easy to spot in the data so I have edited them out. I have bought a ferrite ring and I'm going to wind the cable from the temperature unit around it to see if it filters them out.

An interesting pressure graph this month with stable high pressure for much of the month then a dramatic fall on the 23rd, producing a wet and windy day, followed by an equally quick rise on the 24th, with dry settled weather, and another fall on the 27th accompanied by more wind and rain.

Minimum Temperature this month was -2.2 deg C when we had a rare clear sky overnight. Maximum temperature of only 11.5 deg C on the 3rd. Towards the end of the month there was a steady drop in temperature resulting in more snow above 1500 feet but none at our level.

A contrasting month with windy days interspersed with the odd still one.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was only 26.6 mph at 2am on the 8th.The strongest gust though was 42.2 mph at 2:18am on the 10th after a wet and windy night.

Total rainfall of 5.14 inches this month. Of which nearly 2 inches fell in 48 hours during the 7th to the 9th.

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