Graphs for November 2009

According to the Met Office this was the wettest November since records began. There has been widespread flooding in the valleys and the Conwy Valley railway line was closed for several days. Fortunately the stream in our garden has managed to cope with the water so, although waterlogged, the garden hasn't been flooded. We weren't so lucky with the gales, which severely damaged one of the greenhouses, sucking out and smashing half a dozen panes. We had the first snow of the year down at our level on the 28th but it turned to rain by midday. The mountains remain snowclad above 1500ft.

A lively pressure chart this month with many low pressure systems passing through quickly.The rising pressure on the 9th brought a brief clear spell ,allowing night time temperatures to drop far enough to get a frost in some parts of the garden for the first time this year. Note that the temperature sensor recorded +0.9 deg C air temperature as it is 6 feet above ground. The rapid fall in pressure on the 21st heralded the first thunder storm we've had in years. Good forked lightning observed over Nant Ffrancon and out into the Irish sea.

The minimum Temperature this month was -0.7 deg C at midnight on the 30th. On a couple of nights it was cold enough to get locallised ground frost in some exposed parts of the garden. Most nights the temperature didn't drop below 4 deg C. Maximum temperature was 13.8 deg C the 1st.

Generally a very windy month with some damage in the garden. The maximum windspeed in the history file was 56.5 mph at 12:40 on the 19th. For the first time this actually coincided with the maximum recorded gust. Many days were wet and windy.

Total rainfall of 14.9 inches this month. It rained every day except the 9th. We had gales and heavy rain on the 19th, but fortunately the worst weather tracked North of us and wreaked havoc in Cumbria. Some local recording stations reported over 4" of rain in these 24 hours, although my raingauge only recorded 1.46". I think this is due to my station being in the lee of a south facing slope, with the upwind mountains protecting us from the worst of the rain. The maximum rainfall in 1 hour was on the 5th, with 0.36" recorded between 00:20 & 01:20. The maximum rain in a 24hr period was actually overnight from the 14th to 15th with 1.83"

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