Graphs for November 2016

At 6am on the 12th the anemometer stopped working. unfortunately I didn't realise this for several days until one day it was quite windy and I noticed the windspeed was zero. Looking up at the anemometer it was whizzing round as usual so I got the ladders out and brought it down for inspection. My initial suspicion was that the reed switch had failed but when tested it seemed OK. All the wiring was checked along with the connections to the TX unit. Everything seemed to be working but still no data was being transmitted. Eventually I ordered a new sensor and TX unit. These arrived on the 19th, I replaced the TX first and the anemometer started working again so the new one will be kept as a spare. They are very cheap fortunately.

The maximum recorded temp was 14.4 degrees on the 14th. The minimum was -1.1 degrees at 7:30am on the 29th. the first sub zero reading this winter.

The maximum recorded wind speed was 22mph. There was a gust of 49mph on the 21st.

Total rainfall of 4.02" this month.

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