Graphs for November 2017

The 22nd saw heavy rain and strong winds for 24hrs. There was flooding in Gwynedd and on Anglesey but we survived OK as the rain fell consistantly over the 24 hrs rather than in a short period so it had time to drain away to lower ground. looking back at previous years we have had heavy rain on the 22nd quite a few times. I wonder why? This year is way behind 2009 though, when we had over 14 inches of rain in the month.

The maximum recorded temp was 13.8 degrees at 1:40pm on the 1st.The minimum was 0.3 degrees on the 24th.

A very windy month. The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 28mph. There was a gust of 43mph on the 22nd at 7pm.

Total rainfall of 7.29" this month. We only had 2 days without rain. The forcast for the 22nd was for upto 4 inches of rain.

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