Graphs for October 2008

The temperature sensor has been playing up this month. I usually get several 'silly' readings during a month, such as -19.3 deg C, which can easily be edited out, but this month I have been getting many small spikes of 2 to 3 degrees above the average readings either side. I have edited out those that create obvious spikes in this months graph.

Minimum Temperature this month 0.1 deg C briefly around 6am on the 29th on a rare still day. Maximum temperature was 18.3 deg C for a single reading at 3:50pm on the 12th. Most days hovered around 12 degrees until the end of the month when there was a steady drop in temperature resulting in snow on the 28th which stayed for 3 days at our level.

A contrasting month with very windy days followed by one or two better days then more gale force winds.The maximum speed recorded in the history file was 39.5mph on the 23rd.The strongest gust was 47.6mph at 9:03am on the 25th, a very stormy day.

I moved the rain sensor this month to a new position and mounted it on a pole so it's about a metre off the ground as recommended by the manufacturer. Wether or not this is the reason for the high rainfall readings this month I cannot say.

Total rainfall of 12.57 inches this month. Beating my previous highest monthly rainfall of 11.1" in January. We actually had 2.03" in a 24 hour period on the 14th-15th.It rained or drizzled practically every day and then it snowed for the last 3 days. The snow froze in the rain sensor up to the top of the funnel. Then, presumably, blew away. resulting in a reading of 0.4" when it melted. Which is probably below the true reading had it all been collected and recorded.

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