Graphs for October 2009

This month was notable for the very mild temperatures, well above average. This time last year we had already had freezing nights and our first snow, but this year the night time temperature rarely dipped below 6 degrees and towards the end of the month we managed several days of a balmy 18 degrees.

A lively pressure chart this month. The big drop in pressure in the middle of the month had little effect, producing just cloud and drizzle and causing the night time temperature to drop to more normal levels. In contrast the small drop in pressure on the 6th brought torrential rain.

The minimum Temperature this month was 2.3 deg C at 7.30am on the 17th. Most nights the temperature didn't drop below 6 deg C. Maximum temperature was 18.3 deg C the 30th. Most days averaged about 14 to 15 deg C.

My new anemometer has been working OK. Generally a breezy month. I don't think there was a single calm day.The maximum windspeed in the history file was 28.1 mph on the 25th, which was cloudy & mild, but dry. The maximum gust was 37.5mph at 7.51am on the 3rd, which was cloudy and drizzly but not particularly stormy.

Total rainfall of 3.93 inches this month, most of which fell on the 6th. We had half an inch in an hour, and 1.84 inches between 2am and 8pm. There were 14 days with no recorded rainfall.

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