Graphs for October 2018

I had a problem on the 8th that resulted in a loss of data for the day. I had to reset the weatherstation in the end which means it looses historical max and min data.

The maximum recorded temp was 23.8 degrees at 12:30pm on the 10th.The minimum was -1.4 degrees at 7:00am on the 30th.

The maximum recorded sustained wind speed was 28mph. There was a gust of 41mph on the 12th at 2:00pm. The strong winds predicted for storm Callum didn't do any damage. As usual Capel Curig recorded the strongest gust of 86mph.

Total rainfall of 6.20" this month. Most of the rain fell as storm Callum came through on the 12th and 13th. Upto 100mm/4 inches was predicted and that's what we got. Fortunatly it was steady rain over 36hrs so we were not flooded. There were 11 dry days.

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