Graphs for September 2009

I had trouble with my wind vane & anemometer last month so Iordered a new one. It arrived on the 3rd and was installed immediately.

After a stormy start to the month we finally had a little bit of late summer weather. The unusual feature was the wind direction, which was mostly North to North West and helped to keep the temperature down despite the sunshine.

After a stormy start high pressure dominated for the rest of the month, bringing settled weather and sunny days.

The minimum Temperature this month was 4.2 deg C at 5.20am on the 17th. Most nights the temperature didn't drop below 6 deg C. Maximum temperature was 19.2 deg C the 12th. Most days averaged about 15 deg C, kept down by the northerly wind.

As stated at the top I had trouble with the anemometer recordings last month and failed to get reliable readings until the 3rd, when it was replaced. The first week was fairly windy but as high pressuure established itself over the UK winds dropped to around only 10mph. The maximum windspeed in the history file was 24.1 mph on the 1st, which may be an error as it was with the old anemometer. The maximum gust was 29.3mph at 5.38pm on the 6th.

Total rainfall of 2.54 inches this month, most of which fell in the first week. There were 18 days with no recorded rainfall. Just as the month ended the weather returned to overcast & drizzly.

Despite the problem with my windvane I still think that, for the first time, southerly winds did not prevail this month. Northerlies and some westerlies dominated. This caused some foggy days as moist air was blown up to us from the Irish sea, often taking till the afternoon to burn off.

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